Beer Pong Kit 24Cups 24 Balls

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Party little cute game for drinking. Not only beer, it's a Family / Friends Party Gag Toy, cups fill with all kinds of drinking, someone must drink the whole cup which he hit! Everything you need to play beer pong in one complete set. Included red disposable cups, plastic beer pong balls in polybag. Beer pong ball are made of white plastic. Each cup's capacity is 16 ounces
Great for parties and event. Have Fun and Throw the ball in the beer cup! Bingo! Drink the whole cup beer which you hit.

The game is easy, simple and convenient for entertainment. The Aim of Beer Pong Is to Fill the Plastic Cups with A Variety of. Intoxicating Beverages and Then Attempt to Bounce the Balls into Them. Once Successful Attempt Has Been Made, The Contents of the Cups Must Be Consumed. They are the indispensable things at the bar or the house party, barbecue, picnic, music festival, etc.

  • Set comes in gift able package
  • Set contains 24 ping pong balls and 24 cups
  • Bring the party, your sinker they drinker