1PCS Bottle Openers

1PCS Bottle Openers

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These openers for 1 great deal that will open anything you can prepare, eat, and enjoy! Eliminate rags, knives, banging, hot water and other unnecessary opening methods. Save your hands the pain and stress from breaking the factory seal on jars and lids. No need to ask for help with this convenient kitchen accessory. Provides the strength and leverage needed to open lids and jars effortlessly. Easy enough for children to use.

Open any size jar cap lid seal tab or top. Solid and reliable design makes this multi-function kitchen aide easy to hold and handle. Non slip design works well with wet jars and hands. Stop hurting your hands with a total of 10 functions open pickle jars baby food sauce jars water bottles jams & jelly’s soda bottles chip bags and condiments. One of the most user friendly & efficient kitchen gadgets on the market. 100% money back customer satisfaction guarantee.

This opener manual ergonomic handle and big knob, ensures easy rotation without hurting your fingers, can opener smooth edge. All parts of this manual can opener are made of high quality food safe Aluminium. And the cutting blade is very sturdy after heat treatment and galvanizing. with a knife-like tooth on wheels and tight grip for smooth clean opening with no jagged edge and easily puncture and open all types of cans’ lid. RUYE Designed with lightweight, non-slip, food grade, BPA free plastic large crank handles.