16Pcs/Set Shot Glass Set Russian Roulette Drinking Game

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Now happens in your own home! No need to go to the casino for authentic roulette action! There's no money on the line here! The only thing you run the risk of becoming addicted to is fun. This game is designed for anywhere between 2-8 players, so grab some friends and a bottle of your favourite "adult soda!" This set includes everything you need to play, so all you need to do is B.Y.O.B. This spin on roulette is the perfect gift for any event or celebration.


If you're having a party and feel like giving a different 'spin' on the evening, then why not try the Spin N Shot Roulette Drinking Game. Based around a roulette wheel you simply spin the centre, add the ball, and drink from the numbered shot glass it lands on. Each glass corresponds with two or three different numbers, so hard drinkers can keep refilling for a longer, more interesting game.


  • Novelty drinking game
  • Based on popular casino game of roulette
  • Drink a shot when your ball lands on a number